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High Quality Foundation System


When compared to traditional methods of foundation, Insulslab offers:

  • Increased speed of construction/quicker completion times
  • Excellent thermal performance – typical U-values of around 0.10 – 0.12W/m2K, depending on P/A ratio
  • Shallow foundation system requires minimal excavation, less disruption, reduced cart away and site traffic
  • Greater flexibility within the overall design of the thermal envelope
  • Facilitates compliance with Part L (Section 6 Scotland) without the need for an additional layer of insulation and screed
  • Meets Part E (Section 5 Scotland) sound insulation requirements when used as proprietary Robust Details construction
  • Contributes to the Code for Sustainable Homes & BREEAM credit scores and Green Guide Rating
  • Less intrusive system – perfect for brownfield sites
  • Less volume of concrete required with minimal waste
  • No trenches required; no heavy blocks; no rebar and mesh; minimal manual handling reducing risk and injury

Simple to design and construct

General arrangement drawings are designed by Insulslab. Our consultant engineers provide a plot specific value-engineered design solution, minimising material consumption and maximising cost savings.

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