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Insulslab is happy to work with all aspects of the media and would be pleased to support editorial and technical features relating to offsite construction, timber technology and lean manufacturing. Insulslab has a comprehensive image library and can provide images to support features.

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Kieran Huotari-Francis
New Site Technical Sales Executive

Insulslab is pleased to announce the appointment of Kieran Huotari-Francis to the role of Site Technical Sales Executive for Insulslab.

Kieran joins the team on 1st August to cover the South West region offering both site support and external sales enquiries.

Contact Kieran on or call 07921 685122

Download our Brochure

The new Insulslab Foundation System Brochure contains information about the cost savings and benefits from using the system.  There are comparisons against traditional raft foundations such as beam and block, suspended slab, raft replacement, piled and vibro foundation along with the benefits of using Insuslab on contaminated sites and case studies from companies who have already adopted it.


Insulslab Press Release 3
Foundations – The Next Generation

Professional Builder – April 2010

Build time and cost are always two key project considerations, with the main objective being to keep these to a minimum while maximising quality and performance. Although advances in modern methods of construction can help reduce overall build time, setbacks to site programmes and budget sometimes occur before a site is ready for construction.


Insulslab Press Release 2
Integration and Innovation

PSLG December School Builds

Developers are under increasing pressure to deliver projects against tight schedules while keeping build costs to a minimum. This comes at the same time as Building Regulations become ever more stringent, particularly where Part L and sustainability targets are concerned.


Insulslab Press Release 1
Hidden Depths

RCI December Insulation

The correct specification and installation of insulation materials is a key part of securing Part L compliance and preventing thermal bridging. Traditional methods focus on treating the roof, exterior walls and ground floor of a building, challenging specifiers to consider the variable performances of different areas when seeking to meet specified standards.


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