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High Quality Foundation System

Step 3 – Installation of the Insulslab Elements

  • Set up and install the first stage edge shutter on top of the expanded polystyrene – EPS 150 Horizontal Edge Insulation to the perimeter of the plot (or alternatively an ‘all in one’ edge shutter can be used for monolithic pour)
  • Fill in between the edge and internal EPS 150 with granular hardcore (specified in the GA drawings) and compact
  • Install a minimum 1200 gauge damp proof membrane (DPM), or gas membrane as required by the site investigation, to whole area extending 300 to 500mm beyond the edge of the shutter
  • The plot is now ready to install the INSULSLAB PODS
  • Starting from one corner of pods, the Insulslab pods must be placed to the prescribed layout, completing all full pods before installing the cut-pods as required. Internal beams should be in order to minimise risk of movement
  • Expamet/Hyrib is to be installed and fixed in position across face of internal ribs/beams in order to contain initial pour to edge beam
  • Timber bracing is required from the top of the Insulslab pod to the shutter in corner locations and every perimeter pod during concreting to ensure no lateral movement occurs. These are removed when the concrete reaches the top of the pods.
Installation of beam insulation

Installation of beam insulation

Spacers in internal beams

Spacers in internal beams

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